Rapid Floorspace Optimization

Unlock the value in your floorspace

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Why Macro Space Matters

Maximizing the sales, profit and customer loyalty generated by their retail space continues to be at the top of a retailer's priority list. Despite the investment made by many of these organizations, they seldom have accurate information of the macro space in each location, the equipment that occupies it, or indeed the strategic measures that will drive optimal floor performance.

Optimized Floor Space Accelerates Retail Performance

To address these challenges, retailers critically require a platform that enables the accurate planning and optimization of floor space that can be effectively communicated and executed across its store estate.

Strategic Planning
Ensure upstream assortment optimization is supported by identifying optimal category space allocations that align to customer's needs and preferences. This enables significant sales and profitability opportunities to be generated.
Break down organizational silos by providing visibility of floor initiatives, tasks and supporting analyses. Enables a platform for collaboration and two-way communication between HQ planning and store execution.
Increased Efficiency
Hosting all merchandising, fixture, product, space allocation and customer flow signals in a single location is critical in order to increase decision making accuracy and the ability to optimize stores efficiently.
Sustained Availability
As retailers increasingly pick web orders at stores, it's critical inventory levels support a multi-channel strategy, finding a balance between demand of shoppers instore and those ordering online.
Accelerate Productivity
Decrease repetitive planning duties and minimize the labour required to execute at the store. This should be supported by task automation and rapid analysis generation.

Unlock the Value in your Floor Space

To succeed in attracting today’s multi-channel shoppers and grow the spend of existing customers, retailers need an integrated floor planning solution that rapidly identifies opportunities for sales and profitability growth. This should include a streamlining of store layout design, ability to easily optimize category space, effectively execute floor plans and rapidly address operational issues. In doing so, retailers can improve organisational visibility and accelerate decision making. This will significantly improve collaboration and communication across their store estates and drive increased performance.

Macro Space Floor Planning
Cloud and browser based floor space planning and analysis
Communication & Execution
Inform, monitor and manage store execution
Optimization & Productivity
Automatically identify and deploy the optimal mix of category space