Who We Are

Activeplan Retail have been developing retail software solutions for almost twenty years focusing primarily in the area of floor space planning and optimization for the FMCG and Consumer Electronics industries. Our guiding objective, underpinning all that we do, is to generate solutions that drive value for clients and generate retail propositions that resonate with the needs of their customers.

Meet the Team

Bob Poulter


Bob has vast experience gained during 50 years' operating within the graphical, database and grocery industry areas. He founded Activeplan Retail 20 years ago with particular focus on the retail sector. This includes designing systems to facilitate and optimize the store macro planning process and significantly increasing the return on store space. Leveraging the latest software, web and cloud services, he continues to ensure Activeplan Retail’s solution capabilities remain at the forefront of macro space solutions in the market.
Matt Robinson

Managing Director

Matt has over 25 years of experience in retailing with a focus on merchandising, category management, store operations and marketing. He has extensive knowledge of the retail, food, drink, and consumer electronics markets gained through roles at retailers, software solution and data analytics providers. Matt is responsible for driving Activeplan Retail’s strategic direction and is focused on how the organization's solutions can drive significant value to the operations of clients and partners.
Brendan Fry

UX Design Director

Brendan has operated as a solutions architect and software engineer using various approaches for over 17 years. Current focus includes cutting edge web development, leveraging new advances in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS and migrating legacy desktop design applications onto the web utilizing WebGL, Canvas and SVG. As Director of UX Design, he is responsible for designing and overseeing UI and UX. Previously, he has developed many applications using c#, VB.net, SQL, Java, Ruby, Action-script and C++.
Nick Willis

Director of Software Architecture

Nick Willis has over 15 years of software engineering experience with a particular focus on backend systems. He has strong development skills in C# and Microsoft SQL Server as well as Python, C++ and MySQL. He can design, develop and implement enterprise software solutions that can deliver the required customer data with rock solid performance. Nick is the lead engineer for Activeplan Retail and is responsible for designing and implementing the database and web service components of our solution.
Lucy Mildiner

Retail Space Consultant

Lucy has five years’ experience in software development and prior to this, held various technical roles at financial services companies. She has worked on projects both from a client and an IT perspective, gaining exposure to all aspects of the development cycle, with a particular focus on testing/QA and data analysis. She has worked for Activeplan Retail for the last two years, taking the lead in testing, creation of user guides and training clients and is now moving on to learning the development side.
Stephen Harris

Customer Operations Director

Stephen manages the strategic roadmap within the team, ensuring customer and market needs are reflected in Activeplan Retail’s solutions. He has gained extensive experience over the past twenty-five years in detecting, defining, and delivering space optimization solutions to grocery, consumer electronics and hardware retailers. In particular, identifying opportunities for organizations to positively change their historical merchandising processes for next gen approaches that increase sales performance and profitability.
Samuel Fry

Support Technician

Samuel is a BA Honours degree graduate and before joining the organization, spent 5 years as a lab technician for a major healthcare company. Previously he ran his own online retail business dealing with customer enquiries and maintaining its e-commerce platform. With a logical, analytical approach, Sam is critical in testing new features as they are developed, creating video user guides and licence administration. He also supports the development team in the delivery of solutions to our valued customers and partners.