Communication and Execution

Inform, monitor and manage store execution.

  • Generate planogram and floor plan templates that ensure category and store strategies are easily implemented correctly at store.
  • Quickly communicate changes and provide a two-way communication platform that enables an efficient HQ/store feedback loop.
Explore Effective Store Communication and Execution.
Single Version of the Truth
Modifications automatically updated and made available to HQ and stores. Efficient control over versioning of floorplans is critical to ensure your macro strategy is effectively executed at the store. The solution supports two-way communication between each store and the planning team at headquarters. Planograms and floor layouts are always specific to each store and directly related to the relevant time period they should be actioned. Store teams can be confident that they have access to the most up-to-date planning from corporate.
Close the Loop
Stores manage resources through immediate access to current and planned layouts. They benefit from on-demand access to current and future floorplans and associated planograms from a single location and download dynamically created pdfs for implementation from any device. Additionally, stores can quickly raise queries with the specific HQ team responsible for the factor causing an issue, reducing time and administration related to addressing the identified problem. These queries are automatically directed to the relevant team at HQ to address.
Increased Collaboration
Instant feedback from store staff relating to implementation or layout changes. Provides a communication platform that enables planning and implementation teams to collaborate effectively and efficiently. Increases the identification of challenges instore when executing planograms and ensures an efficient handling of queries and rapid delivery of resolutions directly to the teams in store so that they are immediately addressed.
Rapid Implementation
Delivers online analytics justifying changes from head office to store. Recommendations to stores are simple to review and implement in the knowledge they have the most up-to-date planograms and floor plans that relate specifically to their shelves and aisle space. In addition, head office can manage the distribution of information while auditing its execution in-store, supporting the increase of compliance and driving store accountability when executing merchandising strategy.