Macro Space Floor Planning

Cloud based floor space planning and analysis.

  • Design accurate store floorplans.
  • Automatically link and update planograms to the relevant category space.
  • Maintain a fixture library relating to all stores across the estate.
  • Instantly visualize overall store, department, aisle and category performance.
Explore the optimization of category space.
Maximize Floor Space
Expedite the generation and editing of store floor plans. Manage the entire estate of stores from a central location, maintaining a single version of reality for all floor layouts, merchandising rules and fixtures. Edit or create floor plans and instantly evaluate performance across all areas of your stores.
Shopper Experience
Ensure category space allocations meet the needs of customers. Accelerate the editing or creation of floor plans to effectively manage your macro space. Assess best flows for shoppers and generate store layouts that increase the satisfaction of your most valuable customers.
Identify Opportunities
Enable customers to easily navigate the store and ensure high levels of availability. Instantly visualize fixture, aisle and department space performance across all areas of your estate of stores. Rapidly identify under and over performing areas throughout each store. Leverage this insight to reallocate category space to generate increased sales and profitability.
Store Execution
Increase communication with store staff and the execution of plans effectively. Effectively manage the execution of your floor space strategy, ensuring store staff have the most up-to-date and relevant floor plan to execute in their store. In addition, capture their queries and efficiently communicate merchandising and fixture changes directly to those who will address the challenges in-store.